On the 21st of August, the actual church ceremony will take place in the village of Wissel, which is about an hour away from Thilo's hometown, Essen.

After the service, we will all head 20 kms south to the village of Weeze where the celebrations will take place, in the small cosy castle of Hertefeld.

The hotels are either located directly in Weeze or in the nearby villages.

How to get there? 

Believe it or not Ryanair uses an airport directly in Weeze, so although the seats are tiny and they play annoying songs, it should be worth to fly with them in this case. Flights are available from London, Berlin and Barcelona, among others. Note that Ryanair has it listed as "Düsseldorf (Weeze)".

If you choose to get one of these flights, you can either rent a car in the airport or take the shuttle bus  which brings you to downtown Weeze, or the bus service to Kevelaer, depending on which hotel you are staying.

Alternatively you can fly to Düsseldorf's airport, which takes an hour and a half to Weeze (directions), or from Amsterdam, should take just under two hours (directions),

If you wish to take a train, there are direct routes from Düsseldorf hourly: Düsseldorf to Weeze and Weeze to Düsseldorf (through Kevelaer). To continue to another city, you will have to change trains in Düsseldorf.

* Please note that we will provide alternative transportation from the hotels in Weeze to the church in Wissel and back, in case you don't come with a car .

Once you are there...

Schedule August 21st, 2010

2 p.m.  Religious ceremony                                                          
             Church St. Clemens 
             Köstersdick 16 
             47546 Kalkar-Wissel

            Followed by a reception with coffee on
Hertefeld Castle  (directions)

            Hertefeld 1 47652 Weeze until about 5 p.m.

            * Please take a break and gather your energy for later in the evening! 

  7 p.m.  Dinner
               Hertefeld Castle
               (Black tie optional)

* If anyone is planning to stay in the area on Sunday, please do get in touch with us as we will probably be showing Germany around to the the Brazilians. :-)