if you found your way here it is because you got our invitation in your mail
box recently and are also excited, as we are, for the big day!

It's been about seven and a half years around six countries, four languages, hundreds of flights over hundreds of thousands of kilometers and way too many good-byes, which gave us plenty of good reasons to be taking the big step (as if we needed any!)

You probably shared many of the incredible moments and could not help getting lost at some point on who was where, but kept your fingers crossed that we would meet in the middle somehow - and this is why you can't be missing in our wedding day!

Hopefully you will be joining us on the 21st of August 2010 in Wissel for the religious ceremony and later in the nearby village of Weeze to celebrate it.

Here, you should be able to find all the necessary information on how to get there
and around. Otherwise, just drop us an e-mail at letiandthilo@gmail.com - or come visit us London!

Meanwhile, enjoy the Summer and let the best man win the World Cup
- any doubts there?! ;-) 

Leti & Thilo